Bitbucket Login Link Not Working


Went to login this morning per my usual routine and when I click the Bitbucket link it’s just sitting there. I’m clicking the one on the landing page, but the other login page just hangs too. I finally got an error when going through the landing page: “failed to obtain request token (Error: socket hang up)”. I’m running Chrome, incognito, but I always do.

I pulled up Devtools and it looks like something isn’t loading:
"analytics.min.js:1 Refused to load the script ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src "

I’m not sure if the error is related though. The link to GitHub seems to be working. It’s just when trying to login through BitBucket. The error was larger, but new users can only “have two links” so I chopped it short.


Hi ergose,

Bitbucket has been experiencing issues today. We have noted this at . The error you are seeing is because we cannot contact their API right now and get a request token.
We will update the C9 status page once we notice this issue is resolved on Bitbucket’s side.



I probably need a code break anyway. :wink: I’ll keep an eye on the status page over the day. Thanks for the response Dana.



Well that was quick. It loaded in the background on my last try. Good to go here. :slight_smile:


Hi ergose,

I was also trying it right now and it worked indeed.

Happy coding!