Better js outline definition - using Bundles?


I am hoping to improve the js/node outline panel, eg. add support for js classes.

After a bit of searching I read that outlines definitions can be shared via bundles, and this sounded great - doesn’t make much sense to me that I would create my own, when surely others more experienced with c9 and js have already addressed this short-coming.

But I can’t find where the bundles are shared, and I’m beginning to wonder if this feature (bundles) is no longer supported?


The code for js outline is at
Most likely it doesn’t correctly handle es6 node types.


@Tom I’m also missing the cloud 9 outline support for Javascript classes a lot… Did you look further into it?


No, did not. Still missing it. I would imagine that support for ES6 (in outline view) is a pretty obvious improvement for c9 so it will come if I’m patient.

If it is not on the horizon then I hope they will let me know so I can let for other solutions (@harutyun ?).