Best practices for LaTeX?


I am interested in using Cloud9 to work on my thesis while using my Chromebook, as I can’t run Atom on it without playing Crouton games. My thesis is written in LaTeX, and I have a Docker container which I normally use to rebuild it, but for what appear to be pretty good reasons that’s not working right now. :slight_smile: Would it be more appropriate for me to install LaTeX inside my Cloud9 if I want to generate PDFs and other working documents from my source? The Docker container I use for my thesis is based on Ubuntu so I would basically just run the commands in the Dockerfile.

If there is a better way, please let me know – for instance, if I can build a Cloud9 container directly from my Docker container, that would work even better than what I describe above.

Thank you in advance!



Cloud9 for LaTeX? I don’t know. I made my resume using LaTaX and I used this website.

Also if cloud9 does have some LaTaX workspace could an admin delete my post. Don’t want to advertise competition.


Installing Latex inside your workspace is the only possible way now.
Cloud9 gives you more freedom, in how you configure Latex and what other commandline tools you use, but if you only need standard Latex setup, and don’t need find in files, or commandline tools, or are easier to use. (btw they both use Ace as their code editor)