Beginner - Wordpress & JointsWP: Sass with gulp



I am trying out C9. Students in my Wordpress development class currently use a virtual machine which tends to run frustratingly slowly. In the vm they have been using phpStorm, DesktopServer and Scout to process Sass.

I am now creating a theme in c9 based on jointsWP, which is a Foundation 6 based starter theme I have used many times before. I am using the Sass version. This has gulpfile.js where I would expect it - in the root folder of the theme.

I created a WP project and installed jointsWP. I am now completely baffled as to how to get Gulp to compile the css files from the sass files. Reading the project settings it looks as though “run project” should (among other things) start both Wordpess and Gulp. It also looks as though Gulp should “watch” as soon as it is started. Yet changes in the scss files are not showing in the css files nor on the site itself.

When I select Run / Run Configurations / gulp a new tab appears showing gulp running and then gulp - Stopped with a “Process exited with code: 127” message. What am I doing wrong? Or: what am I not doing right?

Should I now move the gulpfile.js to the root folder of the entire project and rewrite the pathnames accordingly? Later: I tried this but it did not solve the problem.

I think I am misunderstanding something very basic here about using c9, which seems as though it will meet both my and my students needs as soon as I figure this one thing out :slight_smile: