Beautifying JS suddenly not working


Suddenly this morning, my JSBeautify has stopped behaving properly: JavaScript files are saved and not beautified, even if I choose edit > code formatting > apply code formatting. No beautification is applied but the file is saved instead. Same goes for the ctrl+shift+B shortcut. CSS, HTML, and JSON files are still beautified normally and not saved using either method, but JS files remain unbeautifiable. Those are the file types I have tested, but I guess others could be affected too. I can’t seem to find a beautifier fils to scrutinize for errors and I definitely haven’t made any direct configurations to JSBeautify manually.

Can someone shed a bit of light on my situation? Thanks :slight_smile:

Note that it was never the intention that beaufity should even save the files to begin with.


Hey, congrats you found a nasty regression :slight_smile:

We recently improved the code formatter by allowing you to pick your own formatter. However we defaulted to esformatter which is not available on all workspaces.

You can change it to js-beautify, or wait for us to release a fix in the next couple of days.



Thanks for the heads up! Really simple solution, I just didn’t sift through the config before posting. A switch allowed me to return to using beautifier again.


How can I pick my own formatter in the C9 editor? I would like to be able to use esformatter-jsx instead of the esformatter.

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