Beautifier is not working for Ruby or PHP



Hi guys,
I have a team subscription and we have 4 different developers working in our company, PHP Developer, and Ruby Developer.

The Code Beautifier is a deal breaker in Cloud 9. How on earth there is no support for PHP or Ruby files.

Can someone make a plugin to sort this out please?




Need a beautifier / Formatter for PHP as well !


No ones cate about this feature mate :rage:

Sometimes I want to through my laptop out of the window. The beautifier must support all of the well known languages, Not just JS and HTML.

It is just ridiculous.


Brackets is really better for web development.


@xdevs23 I have used Sublime then moved to JetBrains products - WebStrom, RubyMine, PHPStorm and IJ over the past 10 years. Nothing can beat JetBrains. The only issue is that they are not on cloud.

C9, it a very good IDE I have got over 15 projects with 3 different developers and sometimes collaboration from external developers.

It is just this feature that is very annoying we have no issue with anything else. We do Ruby, Python, PHP and heavy JS.


Hey Guys, I have found a solution to this topic using php-cs-fixer… Not sure if it’s the only way but this was the only way I could make it work. I have documented it on Medium and Stackoverflow. Does it work for you?


Not sure why exactly but this isn’t working for me. I also tried updating the vendor to what you have in your settings but that doesn’t do it for me. Restarted/reloaded my workspace and still nothing. It doesn’t give me an error anymore when I try to beautify PHP but it doesn’t beautify it. Is this still working for you in a brand new PHP workspace?


Mind sharing your instance or a clone of it? You can message me here:


Just shared my workspace with you. Also, try running through the steps you listed with a brand new PHP workspace and see if it works for you.