Basic node.js sample page does not work


When I create a new workspace using the node.js template the server.js does not run. Instead after hitting “run” it loads for a few seconds then fails with this message:

Your code is running at
Important: use process.env.PORT as the port and process.env.IP as the host in your scripts!

(node:5482) [DEP0062] DeprecationWarning: node --debug and node --debug-brk are invalid. Please use node --inspect or node --inspect-brk instead.

Process exited with code: 9

seems odd that the “out of the box” template would fail to run.


Same here - seems to be out of date. Not sure if there is any support you can ask?


Having the same issue, with the same deprecation error. Any eta for fixing this?


Taking a look. This does work if you use node server.js in the terminal while in the ~/workspace directory, however.


Same here. I can get it to run node server.js but am unable to get it to connect to the debugger.


We’re having issues with the debugger, specifically; we updated Node on new workspaces a few days ago, but we’re seeing incompatibilities with the debugger. You can run code with the Node.js runner, but you’ll have to make sure you deactivate the debugger first (click the bug icon next to the Command box in the Run panel).


I created a new Node.js runner based on the default one and set the nvm use default to nvm use v6.11.2 (see the correct version with nvm ls). Debugging works again! You could probably also just set the default node version using nvm.


Can I change the default runner to my runner?