Bash sh Permission denied for Webpack


I’m trying to run some NPM scripts (mainly to build JavaScript, to compile from ES6 to ES5, and watch the same JS files for saved changes). When running in bash:
npm run build:js
I get the error: sh: 1: webpack: Permission denied

does anyone knows how to work with this please??

Thanks & Regards.


If it’s a permission issue, you could try adding sudo to your command inside your Bashscript.


Hey! Thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately using sudo didn’t make any difference. I should have mentioned that in my previous post; I apologize for that. Also tried some other commands (like chmod; was hesitant to use these, but anything was welcome at that point, as it seemed that I had to abandon C9 for such projects) but none of them worked.

Thanks again BigChief45.


re-installing webpack solved the issue!