Baby steps - get stuck on it


I get stuck doing the baby steps. Completely don’t know what I do wrong. Can you help me?

This is my code:

var numbers = [];

var sumArr = function(num1, num2, num3) {
  var numbers1 = numbers;
  var sum = 0;
  for (var i = 2; i < numbers1.length; i++) {

    sum += Number(numbers1[i]);
  return sum;

sumArr(num1, num2, num3);


Please share exactly what you’re trying to do and what error you get so we can understand how to help you.

Also, note that this looks like it could be a CS50 assignment and if that is the case, this is not the best place for help. For issues or questions about CS50, please post to the CS50 Facebook or Reddit page.