AWS Cloud9 wasted my team's work


Recently, I moved my work team’s code to AWS Cloud9 for experimenting. Which means that we were still using the unpaid version there. Today, while our simulation was running, the service froze and since then, we have never been able to access our AWS Cloud9 repository again, nor could we access the files.

The most disrespectful detail is that AWS Cloud9 displays a message saying that something was wrong and we should process the technical support, but since we were still using the unpaid system, contacting technical support is forbidden.

So, is there a way that I could reach any kind of support here? If not, at least this message could be here as a warning sign of how unreliable and disrespectful this service has become.


How is it disrespectful? That’s an odd term to use.


What’s the status of the host in the EC2 console? Can you try restarting it there?