AWS Cloud9 has launched!


I can not agree any more…

I’m a PRO user and I hate the new AWS integration.


My biggest concern as that they removed the file download feature. It is no longer an option when you right-click on a file or folder. I know we can work around it using SFTP and SSH. But the main reason to use Cloud 9 is to be able to interact with your server through a web interface.


The Download option is back in AWS Cloud9!


Bump Bump on this post. I’ve been using the AWS cloud9 instance over the last couple of weeks and my original thoughts and opinions stand. The AWS launch is a complete regression for some critical features for me.


What about other educators using this in the classroom that aren’t part of CS50 branded courses? There are some really large MOOC courses, like CS169 from Berkeley, that have students set up c9 workspaces. Should we just find something else now? Are we on a 12 month countdown until our current solution is gone?


Is there a simple way to migrate my C9 workspaces to AWS C9 (as opposed to creating a new workspace and moving stuff over)?

When I read the announcement about AWS C9 I think it said that they would be adding support for this later, but I haven’t seen any follow-up announcements.


We’re still working on a migration utility. At the current time, the best way to move over would be to either download/reupload the workspace files or pull a Git repo on the new host.


Ok, good to know. I’ll wait and keep an eye on the c9 blog.


Will C9’s older free account continue to work as they would… or will it follow Amazon’s 1 year free standards?

#73 and AWS Cloud9 will remain separate. AWS Cloud9 will use the AWS Free Tier if you are eligible, while’s free account will remain free for the duration of


I just tried to get to my workspaces on and it logged me in as an AWS user (which is totally different from C9, I had a trial accout there that I use for AWS clients, but thing associated with production work). For whatever reason, after taking my AWS credentials, all my workspaces disappeared.

Additionally, scanning over the requirement for using C9 now, I’m probably going to recommend to our teaching staff to stop using C9 until an alternative can be found. Its unreasonable to ask already burdened students to pay more for a subscription that has the massive potential to “spin out of pocketbook control” like AWS. To date we have been working with Google Cloud and C9 due to how they play with educational facilities. These changes so far do not look promising.

Fortunately we are not teaching Python this semester so we have some time to sort out what we might be doing going forward. But based on comments here and past issues with AWS as a whole and how it deals with students, I’m not holding my breath.



Does this mean that AWS Cloud9 will not have any free options after the first year at all? I’ll be hanging onto my account for as long as I can!


I’d also just like to weigh in here and say that I would gladly pay for the continued use of my EXISTING C9 account, but am not interested in the configuration roadblocks presented by AWS. Please PLEASE keep the old C9 available, and allow me to add some team members to my account. I’d like to at least have some type of commitment somewhere in writing that the old C9 will continue to exist for a while and honor the terms they’ve been working with for a while. We’re begging you. Just look at this thread, this is a great product, and if Amazon wants to use the editor for their platform, fine we get that, but keep C9 the way it is (even if the price has to go up) It makes absolutely zero sense to just close up signups. You’re turning away developers/customers.


Guess I’m headed to Codeanywhere and CodeTasty. If I want to work with AWS/lambda I’m looking at SLAppForge. Thanks for the good times and good luck. I’ll keep an eye out though, if things get cleaned up I’ll be back.


My question is whether the fact that the old Cloud9 has just stopped working, files cannot be saved and the system seems to be deleting the code more or less accidentaly means that you push me to AWS and second one is whether it could not be done in more civilized way.


It seems the duration of has just came to an end.


Could you elaborate on what you’re seeing? I can confirm has definitely not come to an end, although we were having issues with cloning over the last few days.


I wrote it everywhere I could. Posted images, too.


In fact, it was so irritating, that I moved away from c9 and AWS today. I have my own repository running on my computer and also already deployed to heroku. It took me all day from morning, but finally worked. I am still a very beginner and it was not so hard. However I do not envy all the teachers that were using c9 with their classes.


Hi, I’m new to using AWS Cloud9, and I’m trying to run a python 3.6 lambda locally with environment variables. I’m setting those variables in .bashrc. When I open a new terminal, I am able to echo the values of those variables, but when I run my lambda locally, the variables are not set and an error is thrown. I have a few questions.

  1. How do I set environment variables for local lambda?

  2. I see that I can create my own run configuration and there is an ENV menu there. Can I create a run configuration that will call my lambda function with context and event objects? If so how would I do that?

  3. Why is there no ENV menu available when you run a lambda locally?

Steps I’ve taken after editing .bashrc:

Ran source ~/.bashrc
Deleted local lambda and imported it again.
Deleted local lambda, restarted EC2 instance, imported again.