AWS Cloud9 has launched!


Every good thing has its end, so indeed this is very sad day for me, as cloud 9 is my free “poor man dev environment” for last few years and all the time I felt like I have better dev environment than people which spent a lot of money on tooling. So I can’t describe how much I’m grateful to cloud 9 team that they made this possible for me and I’m happy for them if they succeed to make some serious money from this now. Guys I wish you all the best in this new venture! I just hope that you will fight and negotiate for us to keep our free workspaces for some time, hopefully unlimited :slight_smile: Cloud 9 :heart: 4ever


What’s about free tier? It’s forever or after 1 year I should pay for using c9?


OK, so will there be easy templates like the ones we currently have in c9 or not?
I just had a (very) quick read of this CodeStar and it does not look like something I want to learn just to be able to set up some quick test templates like I can currently in c9… (the effort of learning this CodeStar thing seems to be more than the effort of just creating a blank environment and setting it up to my needs).


I don’t mind paying more for cloud 9, you guys treated us damn well. First time I used it, I couldn’t believe it, it was like stepping into the future of development.

Taking a quick glance at AWS c9 though… I know amazon must insist on UI uniformity, but what a downgrade. It must have been hard for cloud 9 developers to trade their beautifully crafted UI for shit corporate design. Might as well insist we only use AWS c9 in gray cubicles while you’re at it.


Is there anyway to link a github repo to an AWS Cloud 9 workspace. I can see that you can git clone one into a workspace? Its different than the old method where the workspace was essentially a github clone


There is currently no timeline or migration plan for We greatly appreciate our existing customers and want to make sure we can provide a smooth and easy transition. As soon as we have a timeline we will communicate that to you along with the plan for moving your projects to AWS Cloud9. In the meantime, we will continue to operate and welcome your continued feedback to help make AWS Cloud9 better than ever.

Is Cloud9 being replaced with AWS Cloud 9?
Education Plan FAQs

Cancelled the pro sub and jumped over to AWS. Really wish I had waited to cancel… I use AWS for most of my applications and I got to say you guys dropped the ball on this one. Spent 30mins getting an environment setup that is mostly similar to what I had out of the box but missing some key items. I’m going to be looking elsewhere…

  • QOL - Your one click github integration and workspace templates allowed me to get up and running with a forked application within mins. For me this made testing new ideas and getting a preview of that idea frictionless

  • SSL - AWS is a complicated beast for non-dev folks. You guys had SSL enabled previews out of the box with no work on our side.

  • Ubuntu - While we didn’t have much of a choice in the underlying OS you at least used something that was decent. AL is far from usable. Most of my time was spent trying to find the right set of yum packages to get PG and other items working.

  • Sharing - IAM is a mess. I really don’t want to have to muddy up my IAM user roles so that I can add a bunch of folks to review a project. We need to go back to the process you have in place today.

Congrats to the C9 team for the launch. I know this must of been years worth of work to get it integrated even to this point. Just got to say tho that don’t forget about the things that made c9 approachable and special to many of us.


Would you please provide some sort information about your Salesforce plans? At the very least, let us know if you plan to continue supporting it?


How long I can use “legacy Cloud9”.


How do I reach my existing Cloud9 account?
Yesterday I was logged out automatically. If I try to log in there appears a warning: 'your account is blocked’
I can not login with my username or email.


Hey :slightly_smiling_face:.

This one should help: AWS Cloud9 has launched!


I can not agree any more…

I’m a PRO user and I hate the new AWS integration.


My biggest concern as that they removed the file download feature. It is no longer an option when you right-click on a file or folder. I know we can work around it using SFTP and SSH. But the main reason to use Cloud 9 is to be able to interact with your server through a web interface.


The Download option is back in AWS Cloud9!


Bump Bump on this post. I’ve been using the AWS cloud9 instance over the last couple of weeks and my original thoughts and opinions stand. The AWS launch is a complete regression for some critical features for me.


What about other educators using this in the classroom that aren’t part of CS50 branded courses? There are some really large MOOC courses, like CS169 from Berkeley, that have students set up c9 workspaces. Should we just find something else now? Are we on a 12 month countdown until our current solution is gone?


Is there a simple way to migrate my C9 workspaces to AWS C9 (as opposed to creating a new workspace and moving stuff over)?

When I read the announcement about AWS C9 I think it said that they would be adding support for this later, but I haven’t seen any follow-up announcements.


We’re still working on a migration utility. At the current time, the best way to move over would be to either download/reupload the workspace files or pull a Git repo on the new host.


Ok, good to know. I’ll wait and keep an eye on the c9 blog.


Will C9’s older free account continue to work as they would… or will it follow Amazon’s 1 year free standards?