AWS Cloud 9 removed the file download feature


The AWS Cloud 9 no longer supports downloading files. If you right-click on a file or folder, “Download” is no longer an option. I am told this feature will not be restored.

Is there any way we can get this feature restored? It is very inconvenient to not be able to download files via the web interface.


Yes, I agree! I need to pull a big data file out of a Cloud9 environment and I’m going to have to use the AWS CLI to relay it through S3 or something. WHY?!? If this thing is too restrictive then it won’t be that useful.


@taranda, sorry about the misunderstanding, the download feature have been disabled only temporarily, due to technical issues / time constraints, and is mostly1 restored now.

1mostly here meaning: may need some more time to get deployed to all regions.


I just tested it in the US-East Ohio region, and it works great. Thanks!


Either way you could push to git and download from git.