AWS C9 Plugins and active development



Hi, i started using C9 few months ago, and i wanted to use better TypeScript support, i found some plugin, but i cannot install it, so i dig around internet, and find out that there was plugin Manager in but after AWS buys it, it disappeared. And also when C9 was independent it has lot of experimental features and etc, and there is almost no one. So, is there any plans to bring Plugins back? Also is C9 still in active development? Thanks for answers.


Hi, which plugin did you find?
The method of loading plugins described in Distributing and installing custom Cloud9 plugins, works in AWS Cloud9
If you really need you can enable the old plugin explorer ui with init script services.pluginManager.loadPlugins(["plugins/c9.ide.plugins/gui"])
but it’s likely not what you are looking for, since it was mostly for plugin developers.