AWS C9 IDE Pricing with SSH to Remote Server




I’ve trawled the web trying to find a definitive answer and so far only one thread on this forum has hinted at an answer and came across as sketchy at best.

I use C9, but SSH into my own server. I just tried under AWS and can’t see any issue that would stop me going via that route as I don’t use any of the workspaces or other templates, but I can’t find a firm answer on pricing.

My question is, if I SSH into a server remote from AWS (at my home), will there be any charges? For the purpose of this question, I’m out of the 12 month free tier.



SSH workspaces are free for AWS C9, but I believe there is a limit of 10 SSH workspaces, which should be plenty for most users.



This is correct, as @dannytech already mentioned, SSH workspaces are free to use on AWS Cloud9.


Thanks all. Very good deal by the sound of it.


10 is way to low. Why the restriction at all?

As an agency, we have an SSH workspace per client which means we could easily have >50 workspaces required at any one time - although not all being used at the same time.
A limit of 10 will completely stop us being able to use C9.