Autoupload repository to Github?



How do I sync my code back onto Github after I edit it on Cloud 9? I also have a question regarding the directories and Gradle. I use Gradle to obtain the dependencies for the project(designed for Eclipse):would I need to upload the dependencies onto Cloud 9 so I can test my Java project?


To push changes you make in the code you can do git add filename then git commit -m "Your message" and then git push origin your-branch-name. Im not too sure about the gradle, I have never used it.


I haven’t used Gradle on c9 yet, but if you have dependencies like a Maven repo your Gradle script needs to pull those resources in.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean with “upload the dependencies onto Cloud 9”. You run Gradle via c9, right? Then there isn’t a need to upload them separately.


To be honest I do not know how to run Gradle on C9. That is why I said that. :frowning:


To run, just use gradle, like in any other environment. It doesn’t work?


I opened up a terminal but I had a message like “Bash command not found”.


Of course. You have to install Gradle first. It doesn’t come with Ubuntu (or any other operating system).


I finally have my gradlew wrapper in place, but I am still running into a problem. I typed “./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace” into the terminal, however I get a permission denied error.