Autosave not working


I have found that suddenly, yesterday, autosave stopped working in all of my workspaces on cloud9. I had not change any settings. I also could not find where in preferences or settings I could turn it back on.


Please find the setting to enable autosave in the experimental tab under preferences. The feature causes conflicts in some cases which is why we have downgraded it to experimental.


Excellent! Thank worked, @javruben. I really appreciate your zooooom response!


Thanks for the information – is there somewhere we can read the details of the conflicts so those of us who have reenabled it know what to watch for?

Autosave and user config

The conflict I was referring too specifically relates to collaboration and the possibility that autosave can get in the way of collaboration with the possibility of the latest changes being reverted.


What if autosave was reprogrammed to disable itself if 2 or more people connect to the same workspace?


That could work. The code is here:

as part of the sdk

We’ll gladly accept a pull request!