Autopsy, trouble with web interface



I would like to run autopsy (TSK). It is a web interface for The Sleuth Kit. However, that program can be run in only one of two ways:

1.) Without specifying host, in which case visiting the web interface says that there is nothing there.

2.) Specifying a single host, which is not my actual computer’s host, but a host in which Cloud9 uses as some sort of proxy. However, if I reload the page or visit a different page, I will be assigned a different proxy by Cloud9, so my access will be denied.

My current solution is just to reload the page until I get the host that matches the one I specified! Surely, there must be a better way… I tried using the CIDR range as the IP which I specify to autopsy, but although that was accepted as input to the program, accessing the page from hosts within that range still gives an “Access denied” message.

Is there anyway that I can request a specific Cloud9 proxy so that it doesn’t switch every time?
Or, is there a way to make autopsy accept multiple different hosts?

EDITS (Additional information):

If I specify any host in the autopsy command, autopsy says that I can access the web interface by going to:
http:// aself-school-cybersecurity-studies-6639835:8080/autopsy
(Without the spaces; I’m avoiding filtering.)

If I do not specify any host in the command, it says that I can access the web interface by going to:
http:// localhost:8080/autopsy
(Without the spaces; I’m avoiding filtering.)

Now, of course, the second cannot be accessed by my own computer, but it can be accessed by the c9 VM, if I curl http:// localhost:8080/autopsy
(Without the spaces; I’m avoiding filtering.)
If it is running there on localhost, and I try to connect via the web interface, I get the nice flowery “No application seems to be running here” page.

If it is running on http://aself-school-cybersecurity-studies-6639835:8080/autopsy, then I can access it via the web interface, at However, that is not the same URL as autopsy specified. Clearly, there is a layer between us.

That layer is some kind of c9 proxy, which I referred to earlier, and is in the range
However, I cannot predict which exact IP it will be; that changes every time I make a request.
Thus, if I tell autopsy to accept host, run the program, then access the web interface, autopsy will keep giving messages “Access Denied. Your connection from has been logged”, or whatever IP was used that time. If I keep reloading, I will eventually get that host by random chance, at which point I will be able to use the program.

However, if I click any links within the program, I am liable to be assigned a new proxy by c9 and thus have to start reloading the page all over again.