"Automatically Close Empty Panes" does not work in some cases



This usually happens when the window you closed was in the “console”. Essentially, the console is a pane that holds tabs and has to be hidden and shown manually. This warrants some explanation and the UX on this can be improved but here are the main purposes of it:

  • You can run a process and hide that tab while not interrupting the process
  • You can hide several other tabs or files without closing them, then show them again later
  • You can keep a pane shown even after you close tabs within it

To toggle the console, you should be able to use Ctrl + Esc on a Mac or F6 on Windows.

Allow minimized panes or processes

Sorry, I don’t understand. When I move a terminal window from the lower panel to the upper panel (gif #2), and the lower panel is empty afterwards, why doesn’t it close/hide/whatever automatically?


The lower panel is special, it is not closed automatically because it has a keyboard shortcut to toggle it, and a close button.


Ah, that’s useful. Thanks for the info!