Automatically adding members to teams (EDU)



I’m not sure if this feature exists, but it’s something I need to make my intended educational experience work, given that I distribute my material to students I will never meet and need them to have a frictionless sign-up process.

SSO would obviously be ideal, as I could use some sort of automation (does Cloud9 have an open API for this sort of thing?) to push their accounts through, but I see that’s not an option.

Beyond that, I’d like to be able to have a single link that just requires their email address and which then automatically adds them to the appropriate team and drops them on the page to clone whatever starting code is relevant to the lesson they’re working through. Is it possible to achieve the steps required here:

  • A fixed signup link, or one I can programatically generate without human intervention, that will automatically allow students to be added to the team after they provide their email address? [Hard requirement for my scenario]
  • An ability to pass, as part of such a link, a workspace ID that I want the student to land on for cloning or, even better, to immediately land them into a cloned workspace that they own? [Nice to have, but not strictly required]

Tangentially, can I configure a team-level setting that turns off the automatic import of students’ avatars? Given their age profile I don’t want to display pictures of them by default.



Education plans currently don’t have support for advanced use cases like automation or API access. Educational use is key for Cloud9 but at the moment there is no support for SSO, student signup by link, or the passing of a workspace ID to students to clone on signup. Keep an eye on the Cloud9 blog for announcements of new features or consider posting in #feature-requests (one feature per topic please).