Auto Revert to Saved



For as long as I’ve been using Cloud9 (a good two years), I’ve had a major problem with my files being out of date between instances of workspaces. I’ll edit a file on one computer, and if I go to another computer where I was editing the file, if I don’t explicitly remember to click “Revert All to Saved”, I’ve just overwritten any work I did on the first computer without any warning.

And it’s not just between computers. If I have two views open to the same file in the SAME workspace instance, open in different tab groups, I can make an edit to the file on one side, and save, then make a different edit on the other side, and save, and that first edit is GONE without warning. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to re-fix bugs I’ve previously fixed because of this oversight.

It should be able to detect when a file has been changed by something other than the editor itself (just like it detects when files vanish out from under it) and revert to saved automatically (asking if the editor is marked dirty). This is what every desktop editor from Sublime to Atom to Notepad++ does, and Cloud9 should too.

Changes keep reverting to older versions

sounds like collab plugin is broken on your workspace, does this happen in all your workspaces?
When you open two views, do you see the cursor of the second one in the first?


There are two workspaces I use all the time. One is an SSH workspace, the other is a hosted workspace. This has occurred in both of them.

And no, I almost never see the other cursor(s) if it is only me working in a given workspace. I don’t even see my other instances in the Collaborators tab anymore (which I think is a bug I mentioned a while ago, and I was told that it was intentional for me to never see my other instances, which is annoying when you want to pull in a bash window from another instance).

The only time I ever see the collaborator stuff functioning is when one of my smaller screens is causing my bash windows to shrink in size, at which point I tell it to detach other clients, because I greatly prefer being able to scroll, and I can click to reattach later.


was told that it was intentional for me to never see my other instances,

i think that is wrong, we have not changed the feature, and your ide instances should be shown as before.

Could you please create a support request, and mention this thread, and your workspace names, we’ll help you to fix the issue with collab.


Define “create a support request”. Is it creating a topic in the support forum here on the public community site, or is there a private ticketing system on the main site that I can’t find?


use support>get premium support menu from the ide, or just send an email to