Auto-Pair Brackets, Quotes, etc not working in all languages



The auto-pair feature does not working for CoffeeScript, Jade, and Stylus. I would also assume this is true for some other languages as well.

It does work for JavaScript, thus I am assuming the feature is working though not properly being activated in some languages.

I have contacted the dev team in the past and it seems to be a know bug.


Hi Brady,

Auto closing braces and quotes are not working in at least coffeescript, jade, and stylus. I have confirmed it is working in JavaScript. Everything else is pretty good.


Hi Kheran,

Thanks for asking about this. This is something that’s on our list of things to do so hopefully this will happen sooner than later. Holler if you see anything else similar to this.

Cloud9 IDE


I have observed a similar discrepancy for other languages. Auto-pair, and wrapping selected text:

  • do not work for Python or Markdown
  • do not work for Markdown
  • do work for Ruby

I have both options enabled in User Settings > Code Editor (Ace). In addition, I have Auto-pair enabled when clicking the little gear icon in the lower right of any open document.