Auto Import of Typescript / Angular Files



I’m trying to switch my development at work to using Cloud9 instead of VSCode (due to network limitations), and one of the huge blockers for me switching are certain productivity enhancements that you get in a thick client IDE, such as auto import.

For example, in VSCode, you can hit Ctrl + Space on an undefined type / class and it will give you a list to choose the type / class from a list. When you select one, it will automatically add the import to the top of the file for you. There are also extensions in VSCode that support auto importing and reorganizing your imports.

Is there no feature currently in Cloud9 that does this? There doesn’t even seem to be intellisense on Typescript files. It turns a 2 second task of importing everything for your Angular component into a 10 minute ordeal of trying to remember all the paths to your various components (exaggeration but you get the picture).


Not sure if they recently added this or it’s been hidden away for a while, but apparently when you highlight an undefined type / class now, it will give you suggestions for where to import it from.

Trying to figure out keybinding for this, but it’s a great start to bring Cloud9 up to the same standard of VSCode!