what/where/how to make auto-generated-widget.html?
what/where is auto-generated-widget.html suppose to be made?
any info of any kind about auto-generated-widget.html?


according to Part 1 - Build Your Own ChiliPeppr Workspace, runme.js is suppose to create the auto-generated-widget.html, it does not.

tried making an empty file named auto-generated-widget.html, runme.js still does not put anything into auto-generated-widget.html.

refreashing does nothing to auto-generated-widget.html


stumbled across the answer.

in new browser window, goto http://axisedit-[name], then click refreash.
on cloud9 Being asked for auto-generated-widget.html so regenerating first… is displayed in window running runme.js

just running runme.js does not create/update auto-generated-widget.html