Attempting to run C# on IDE but receving errors



Hey all, I’m new to Cloud9 and I’m facing some issues.

I’m attempting to run the C# code on the IDE and am failing to do so, I think I know why but I cant seem to be able to resolve the issue.

The picture uploaded below should have everything needed to solve the problem.

Edit: I found a link that goes through a step by step process on how to install .NET core. However, I’m having issues, with setting the project template using this code for the terminal dotnet new console -lang C#

It starts decompressing then stops at 99%. (as indicated in image below) The first error that pops up states that System.IO.IOException: No space left on device not sure what to do with this though.

Edit 2: I kept on attempting the same code and it has managed to complete the decompressing stage only to start resetting again at the Expanding stage. (Refer to image below).