Attempting to browse functions in Sublime :(


Hello there,

I’m new to c9 and enjoying the experience. However, there is one thing that is killing me and if I don’t find a solution then it might be a deal breaker.

Has anyone figured out how to browse your list of function (on a currently opened file) using Sublime with c9?

On the normal (nothing to do with c9) Sublime Text, you can achieve this with cmd R. I’ve been trying for about two hours and I seriously cannot find that feature here.

I’d be really grateful if anyone out there could help.

Thank you!



if you mean sublime mode in cloud9, looks like the outline command is bound to cmd-shift-r instead of cmd-r. Do you think it should be changed to cmd-r instead?


Thank you! I spent about 2 hours looking for that this morning. You’re a life-saver.

I do have a habit of doing cmd-r constantly on Sublime. On c9 - of course - this refreshes the entire webpage, which can be a bit frustrating.

Given the fact that cmd-r refreshes webpages, I’d be very surprised if it was even possible to effectively overwrite that in-built browser function and get it working with Sublime mode. Maybe I’m wrong but if I was a gambling man, I’d bet on it being an impossible feature request.

Anyway… in summary, yes. Of course it would be good if it behaved precisely like Sublime. HOWEVER, if it’s not possible then I wouldn’t worry about it. If I have to just get used to using the shift key then so be it. I’m just glad that I can do the function browsing.

Many thanks!