Atom like Base Linter support?



The Atom editor uses a really nice top-level base linter API to display markers, tooltips, and global messages of linters.

Linter is a base linter provider for the Hackable Atom Editor. Additionally you need to install specific linter for your language. You will find full list below in Available linters section.

It provides a top-level API to its consumer that allows them to visualize errors and other types of messages, easily.

I think this is a really great visual implementation for linters and hence, I’ve started to work on a similar implementation for cloud9.

Therefore, I was wondering whether anyone might like to join the development project? Likewise, I’m keen to hear what cloud9 might think about this as well!


I would like to contribute! I am not very good with JavaScript but I am sure I could learn many things by trying to help.


@BigChief45 that’s great to hear! The entire codebase can be found here:

For the moment, functionality hasn’t been implemented as I’m waiting for another project to be finished! However, at the end of next week I will start working on this project again!

Feel free to have a look at the repo in the meantime & submit a PR if you like!