Asset was not declared to be precompiled in production.? (img)



Following hartl’s tutorial for rails,

curl -O (right off of the tutorial)
mv rails.png app/assets/images/ (" ")

now when viewed in the browser “Asset was not declared to be precompiled in production.?” comes up…
Hartl even writes “If the second command fails, which sometimes happens on the cloud IDE for reasons I don’t understand, try re-running the first curl command until the file downloads correctly.”…

Why does the image not want to download properly or display properly on the browser??

Thank You,

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I think what Hartl wrote is related to the curl command failing. It looks like it worked correctly and that image downloaded correctly into your workspace but the error you’re getting is something else. Unfortunately I don’t know that much rails but perhaps helps?


thanks tim…
I really appreciate your help!