Arrow keys support in IOS(especially for iPads)


This topic has already been discussed a lot of times but once again I would like to open it’s discussion. I have already read all the related discussions and have found something interesting. This is regarding a post by a Cloud9 employee ,where I read that Cloud9 is not able to support this because in ios arrow keys don’t fire any response and hence it is difficult map them. However recently I came across another online IDE namely Coding Grounds by TutorialsPoint and I found that it had a complete support for the arrow keys which many other online compilers lacked. So I was wondering if it was possible to achieve the same with cloud9 compilers. It would be a great help If there is a solution to this.


Thanks for bringing this back up! In the future, please do so via an existing thread (since there are a few of them already). Closing this in favor of IOS keyboard arrow keys support

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