Are team workspaces automatically shared with other members of the team?



When I create a workspace that is owned by my team, how does sharing of that workspace work? Can my teammates see that I created that workspace? Are they automatically added as collaborators? Do my teammates have read/write access to that workspace by default?

How about cloning, can my teammates clone my team workspace?

Education Plan FAQs
Cloud9 for Teams FAQ
Can a team member share a workspace with a non-team member?
  • Team members can see the team workspaces in the workspace dashboard
  • Team members can clone team workspaces and open/edit them
  • Team members cannot open or edit existing workspaces (by default). You may still share a workspace through the normal flow.


I’ve signed up for the education plan for a course that I’m teaching this fall.
When I invite students, they are not able to see or clone the workspaces that I’m creating under our team account.

Is anyone else having a problem with this or found a way to fix it?


Hi, I am having the same problems. You tell us that it can be done, but can you tell us HOW it’s done?


Just to clear up some confusion, this feature was deactivated a couple of weeks ago for new team accounts due to concerns over plagiarism. However, we’ve received some good feedback about the feature, and we’ll be adding it back in over the next few days on an opt-in basis for individual workspaces on the workspace settings page.

We’ll be sure to update this thread when it’s back up and running!


Aaaaand it’s up and running! You should be able to set team visibility by going to a team workspace, clicking the workspace card, navigating to the workspace’s settings (the gear icon on the right side), and setting the visibility and cloning rules there.


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I just created a new team as a teacher and I created a team workspace but the team members cannot see the workspace. Following your instructions, I tried to find a “team visibility” setting under workspace’s settings (the gear icon on the right side) but I cannot find any “visibility and cloning rules” there.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!


Nevermind, I found it! I was looking inside the workspace after opening .
Finally you have to choose to allow “Team cloning” in order to make the workspace visible by the team members.

Thanks anyway!


I saw team members for a brief second and now they are gone again. What do I need to do to see the team members again?