Application not mobile responsive from workspace preview


I’m working on a site that needs to scale to mobile. When I load the site on my phone, it simply loads it how it would load on desktop. How do I fix this? It seems to only do this when I use c9. When I simply the load the site on my laptop (non-hosted) it scales.


I think this kind of problem is not related to the infrastructure, I mean c9 or hoster. But is related to the application layer.
Is your web following responsive design?


Hi @JasonProcka,

Sorry, I’m confused. Let me know if I get this right:

  1. You’re working on a website following responsive design rules
  2. If you run this website on a server via c9, it doesn’t adapt to the mobile form factor (meaning it’s not responsive anymore)
  3. When you run it from your local machine, it does adapt to the mobile form factor

If this is the case, I would check if your site can request all the necessary files. Maybe the default options of your Apache on c9 and your laptop are different and you miss out on a stylesheet where you define your breakpoints.


I have same problem. Trying to make web node.js application with responsive design. When I try preview of running app on desktop, everything works just fine (resizing the window make changes to design). But when I try open this preview page on my phone, it just show me the content like on computer screen…


Then I guess your layout isn’t responsive yet, @hohnzy. Check your meta tags for viewport.


thanks for reply @b2m9 im using bootstrap or semantic ui and nothing work? when i resize browser on desktop to tablet or mobile dimensions it works pretty fine then.
you can check it here:


As I said, check your meta tags in your HTML file for adjusting the viewport. Google or StackOverflow are your friends.


thank you, works great now :slight_smile: