App Engine / Startup Script


Our systems are based on App Engine, which means that our test environment will be based on a custom web server called

I have one problem, that I can’t seem to figure out. Either the process should always run (… when someone is in the IDE only of course), or the “Run Project” button should be synced, so collaborators can see, whenever someone else is running the server. Right now the collaborators cannot see, when I run the App Engine Project - their button says “Run Project” and mine says “Stop”. The problem is that they of course cannot run the project when I’m running it, as it occupies port 8080.

Is it possible to either always run a process or sync the “Run Project” button between collaborators?

Thanks in advance.


State of “Run Project” not getting synced between collaborators is a bug, we’ll investigate why is it broken.
Thanks for reporting this.