Apache server started, but "No application seems to be running"



I started using C9 IDE yesterday and it was working fine. I went to bed with it working, when I woke up and tried to use it everything was fine. Ran the Apache server for my HTML/CSS/jQuery website, it even said it was running. But when I go to the link provided, it says that “No application seems to be running”. Any ideas?


Can you check the status of Apache and make sure it properly stopped and started?

To check the status, open a terminal and run:

sudo service apache2 status

You may see something like “* Apache is stopped”. Then to make sure it is completely stopped, run:

sudo service apache2 stop

And then start it once again with:

sudo service apache2 start


I left, and came neck awhile later and it was working, so it may have just been a one time thing


Thank you!
It worked for me.