Anyone managed to install HAdoop?


I tried to follow the guide but I can`t figure out where to put the URL.



Can you say exactly which URL you’re talking about? I couldn’t see any reference to a URL in the guide:


In the hadoop guide, (
it`s written to set up the workspace.

  1. I`ve create a blank workspace

Then, it`s written:
“Once, your workspace is up and ready, visit the Hadoop download page and copy the link to the latest build. At the time of writing the latest stable build was 2.6.0.”

I`ve copied the link

Now, I am stuck.


I would say, just follow the guide.

Once you’ve copied the full url to the Hadoop build tar file, go back to your workspace and download the file via wget within the terminal:


Go back to your workspace, go to the terminal, type wget URL-YOU-JUST-COPIED


Hi sir,
Thanks for sharing this excellent solution. It was helpful topic regarding hadoop.