Anyone excellent in c++?


Can someone tell how to find sum of integers from 51-100, without using loops and recursion?


This is more of a stack over flow question, and they would likely tell you to do your own homework, or send you to a math board, and then they might tell you to google it or just provide a link telling how to do it. Will you learn how to solve the problem if some one just hands you the answer?

Solving it does require c++, its a problem solving question and can be done in any language. You are trying to figure out an equation. You could start by figuring out the resulting value and work backwards. if the 51-100 trips you up, use smaller numbers like 1-10, or 1-5. But I won’t and hopefully no one else will just straight up give you the answer.


This is more if a math problem, so try reading this.