Any way to disable Terminal in the IDE for shared access?



Hi guys! Love C9 and recommend it to everyone I meet!

I’m wondering if you can help me out. When I hire new people to collaborate with, I’d like to just give them access to edit the files and NOT allow them Terminal access. Is this possible?

If not, I was thinking of changing the user account we use on c9 - maybe setting up a separate SSH connection for this purpose… If I do that, I wonder if C9 will get confused with two different C9 Workspaces - one with a restricted user, and one with a more powerful ssh user for myself. :slight_smile: I’m concerned about things like file history breaking.

All in all, I hope we can just disable Terminal for certain users. Ideally this would be something I could set when I share the workspace.


Thank you for your compliments, I will pass them on to the team :smile:.

You can’t specifically restrict the terminal, however you can give other users read only access to your workspaces. They will only be able to view your workspace files and will not have access to the terminal, however they will also not be able to edit and save the files.

If you’d like to see this implemented please post in our feature requests category. We regularly review posts here to see how we can make your development life even easier.


Also, see a similar feature request about this and feel free to like it or add a comment here:


Any update about this feature???