Any chance to change ctrl + w browser behavior when we are in a terminal tab?



I am windows user and i love c9, but experience leads me to think that ctrl + w will close a terminal tab in c9… it sucks to have to stay opening workspace every time it happens.

Cannot Use Nano Editor since CTRL+W Closes Browser Tab

Not possible to catch ctrl-W in browser unfortunately. I think if you open the workspace in its own window (without the browser tabstrip), then ctrl-W works, but I can’t remember how you do that.


Unfortunately chrome doesn’t seem interested in fixing this bug :frowning:
It is possible to open ide in a separate window by using cloud9 extension from chrome webstore.


Well, the last comment was the start of June - it looks like they’re looking for ways to implement it without letting malicious websites override keyboard shortcuts:

We’re currently proposing a fullscreen restriction, but that may be lifted in the future. The main concern is that this API is quite powerful (hence we need to prevent bad actors from being able to lock people into a state where it’s non-obvious how to get out). At the same time we don’t want to have overly intrusive bubbles or messages interrupting users when they have a keyboard lock enabled.

Of course, feedback over time if/when this is implemented might show that the security concerns aren’t that serious (e.g. the pointer lock API started out as fullscreen only, then gradually made its way to be accessible outside of fullscreen as well).


I’ve written an answer to a similar problem here. The solution involved using an extension, but if you want the normal Ctrl+W behavior in Cloud9, ignore the changing of the keybinds.