Annoying visual glitch that prevents me from coding


This is a very interesting visual glitch that I have encountered. While editing a file, signup.ejs, the file began glitching out, and causing seemingly random errors. The line numbers disappeared except for 1, and scrolling caused the insertion point and the line highlighter to mis-align to the the text on the page. It is the only file with this problem. I can edit the text, but the insertion point does not change, and sometimes inputs do weird things: I tried typing backspace, and it selected the character before the insertion point. Also, syntax highlighting stopped working on a single line (correct me if my syntax is wrong). I then refreshed the page and restarted the workspace several times, to no avail, but managed to receive different symptoms (different syntax highlighting problems, no I-beam). Below is a screenshot of the developer’s console.

There is no stacktrace below any of the errors. The line the state.indexOf error references is as follows:

This line --> for(var key in this.subModes)if(0===state.indexOf(key))return this.subModes[key] return null},this.$tryMode=function(state,session,foldStyle,row){var mode=this.$getMode(state) return mode?mode.getFoldWidget(session,foldStyle,row):""},this.getFoldWidget=function(session,foldStyle,row){ return this.$tryMode(session.getState(row-1),session,foldStyle,row)||this.$tryMode(session.getState(row),session,foldStyle,row)||this.defaultMode.getFoldWidget(session,foldStyle,row)
The line that the state.split error references is:

},this.$delegator=function(method,args,defaultHandler){var state=args[0] "string"!=typeof state&&(state=state[0]) This line --> for(var i=0;i<this.$embeds.length;i++)if(this.$modes[this.$embeds[i]]){var split=state.split(this.$embeds[i])

Congratulations on being acquired by Amazon, and keep up the amazing work!

EDIT: For some reason one of the images did not upload (bug), so I screenshotted it and reuploaded it.

EDIT (Again): Just in case you need it, my username is dannytech, the workspace in question is filmr-online, and the file is /home/ubuntu/workspace/views/public/pages/signup.ejs


thanks for the detailed bug report, it helped us to track down and fix the issue.
The fix will be deployed to on monday.


Being Tuesday, I tried to open the file and edit it, but the same problem is occurring with the same errors in the developer console. Is it possible that there is a problem with the file, and if so, can you try to fix it? Or has the solution not been deployed yet?


Sorry, site deploy got delayed yesterday, the fix has been deployed just now


I’m having the same problem, but it’s in all my files, I started using cloud9 today


@Borreli then it is a different issue, please create a new topic, and add screenshot showing the issue.