Angular testing is extremely slow


Hi Team,

Is there any way to improve responsiveness of paid workspaces for Angular, and in particular, for unit testing in ‘watch’ mode? I’ve been developing for a while and usually my tests run fast locally (we’re talking 1-10s), however in c9 they tend to block an entire IDE for about a minute or more, and I’m unable to do anything else (i.e. navigate across tabs, type in the editor or the console, etc. - all UI is blocked). I’m not sure at this point if it has to do with websockets that Angular CLI may be using to synchronize tests with the server, but the overall experience is pretty frustrating.

I’ve already tried trivial things like restarting workspaces, maximizing the RAM and disk space, turning off any other services etc. Nothing really seems to help.



So it looks like that’s a downside of testing through a local browser. If I run tests in headless Chrome inside c9 workspace, everything is much snappier. Obviously, I can only watch test results through the terminal then (but that’s ok).

Looking back, it may be obvious that this interaction would lead to slowdown - after all, we’re exchanging tons of requests between local and remote system while running those tests.