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Before I start telling people to never make a release version of an Android App using the free version of Cloud9, since version control would let anyone see your keystore files, even if you deleted the folder. Is this actually true?

Is it difficult to hide anything using a free version of Cloud9? I assume people could install encryption software to hide folders, but without fancy solutions is it difficult to hide a folder using a free Cloud 9 account?


Public workspaces are not meant to be private so there’s not a natural way to do this but there’s definitely an easy way: Sensitive Data in Public Workspaces. Hopefully that helps out :wink:


Thanks. I did not realise it was so easy. Just store sensitive data in a folder outside of the workspace :grinning:

That has just made the Android SDK much more powerful since we can prepare an App ready for release on the Android Play Store, but has given me more work to do :sob:


Has anyone tried an emulator? (I really don’t like them so have never spent the time to get used to them) As far as I can tell you just load a debug or release .apk file directly into the emulator. The emulators are full programs so they should not need java or the Android-SDK loaded on your computer. It would be really good to see if anyone can find an online emulator. All I have found is downloadable emulators. A good review is at

All that needs to be tested is if any .apk file works on the standalone emulator. I am way too busy to test that out with trying to get the Dockerfile perfected and the github help repository written.


I have an Andy Emulator, Which is preety nice! But not on this computer im using now. I really hope when cloud9IDE Gets thier android workspace they have thier own Emulator we can use. Also guys please vote for the Android Studio to be live on RollApp. RollApp is basically a team who are trying to make every app online, from games to Developer “Utilities”… Here.

@jerteach , @bradydowling , @justin8 , @moderators , and @cloud9


Wow, Full Android Studio online is quite a request. It is one thing to make R-studio online, I have basically, by myself, made a Cloud9 version of R-studio if you install to a blank workspace you can do many R programming code in a Jupyter (iPython Notebook) web browser environment.

but to make the entire Android Studio online would be awesome.


As a matter of policy, please do your best to avoid mentioning a large number of names unless there’s a specific reason for each.

@PhpCoder231 I can safely say that we will not have our own Android emulator. While that could be viewed as a general development tool, that does not fall into the category of what Cloud9 is about, which is more geared toward the code itself. I know there are exceptions to that but I can’t see this being one of them.


On a positive note:

Getting the Android-SDK release version working has been relatively easy. For an Ant build this code worked.

Users set the keystore variable myStoreName to be the same as the folder name and app name for simplicity.

read myStoreName

sudo keytool -genkey -v -keystore $myStoreName.keystore -alias $myStoreName -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

printf "\n\$myStoreName.keystore\nkey.alias=$myStoreName"  >> /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName/

ant release

It has a few minor issues with a timestamp that I will work on.


The Gradle Android App version was a bit more complex

read myStoreName

sudo keytool -genkey -v -keystore $myStoreName.keystore -alias $myStoreName -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

cd /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName

./gradlew assembleRelease

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore  /home/keystore/$myStoreName.keystore /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName/build/outputs/apk/$myStoreName-release-unsigned.apk $myStoreName

jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName/build/outputs/apk/$myStoreName-release-unsigned.apk

/usr/local/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/23.0.2/zipalign -v 4 /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName/build/outputs/apk/$myStoreName-release-unsigned.apk /home/ubuntu/workspace/$myStoreName/build/outputs/apk/$myStoreName.apk

If anyone is an expert with keytool, jarsigner and zipalign and has any suggestions that would be appreciated.

Just going to tidy things up and I should be able to do a PR next week.


Sadly i dont do R Programming @jerteach


Common @bradydowling … Cloud9IDE Should at least give it thier best shot! :smiley:


Maybe like SauceLabs, a service integration (like, haven’t looked for other solutions) in Cloud9IDE is considerable.


That looks really interesting ( . Not sure if 100 minutes/month of testing your App online for the free account is comparable to what you get from Cloud9’s free account, but cool to know about if your are in a pinch and need to test an App on several platforms.


@bradydowling @justin8

Android-SDK workspace update.

I am working on the fork at:

I will PR it soon, I am better at coding than writing:smirk:

With a bit of advertising this may actually get a few Premium memberships to Cloud9. What I have got running so far is:

  1. Auto generates both an Ant and Gradle debug HelloWorld App

  2. Auto addition of debug and release Apps to a timestamped preview website for downloading directly to your phone

  3. Can generate a redo bash file to re-debug or re-release your app with one click

  4. Can generate an ant debug and release app of your naming

  5. Helps cloning from Github of an Ant Project and generates debug or release Apps

  6. Can generate a Gradle project of your naming (both Debug and Release)

  7. Helps Cloning of an Android Studio Github Project and generates both debug and release Apps (This will be complex, community help will be needed)

  8. Helps changing the ~/.profile for specific workspace changes such as Timezone, location of the index.html file etc.

  9. Helps Docker Developers install a local version of Cloud 9 for testing of Docker images

  10. Helps with restarting Apache2

  11. Integrated Live Workspace Github update at

  12. Integrated live Github Help Site at

  13. ability to change the Live Update and Help Repositories if the github sites change

Obviously this has been a huge, fun undertaking. I have downloaded more than a Tera-byte of data (each docker had to be fresh!), more than a 1000 commits, and hundreds of hours of coding. And this is only the beta version that has never actually been tested on Cloud9.

P.S. @bradydowling perhaps you could put in a good word with your boss so they will have a look at it. If I was a developer, not a teacher, I would really appreciate being able to code when away from my Androuid-Studio Desktop, or to be able to develop while travelling from an Android Tablet or iPad!

Possible to clone workspaces from a different account?
Offline Cloud9 IDE

PR (pull request) has been sent to now I am on to other projects until the beta version of ws-android is ready. (I am 3D printing a breadboard case for my Robotics class)

Please send a link when it has been compiled so that I can test it. Hopefully @justin8 can work on it, he did a great job last time, putting up with my plethora of questions.


This is great !! I spent some time looking for an online development platform for Android.
You can find a lot of stuff on online IDE and complilers e.t.c. but not for Android.
So I found this page and then started looking at this. Now I have Android development in my workspace :slight_smile:
If this is feature is officially supported it will be a great advantage for c9 compared to the rest !


@bradydowling I think this very useful workspace (ws-android ) is going to get buried and I find it kind of sad and a big waste of my time.

Any chance you can put in a good word for it, or is that asking too much.


Has anyone found out if you can just let others clone your workspace using a clone link


Please don’t let this thread die.


No cloning doesn’t work that way currently.


Just checking if the new combination of AWS and Cloud9 allows users to make their own docker files. Took a long time but I eventually found my old docker file to run Android SDK build service on Cloud9 which was never merged

With these new changes can I get this (now out of date) docker file running on my own.