Android app emulation



Hi guys,

I’m working on a mobile app using Ionic framework.

Testing was an easy process while I wasn’t using any of the cordova plugins. But once I started using them, the application has to be built for testing purposes.

I’ve been able to install Android SDK and build my app so that I get an apk file. I’ve been able to download this file and install it on my phone and everything is running well…

My question is : is there a way to enable an emulator to test my app without to download and install the apk which is quite an heavy process ?

When I try to run ionic emulate android I get the following error : Error: No emulator images (avds) found. It then tells me to : 1. Download desired System Image by running: /androidSdk/androidSdkLinux/tools/android sdk

When I launch andoid sdk, the following error appears : Exception in thread “main” org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]. I have no idea what it is all about…

As far as I understand, it would require a GUI environnement. I’ve tried installing this plugin ( with no success.

More generally speaking, how do you guys do to test your mobile apps (native or hybrid with Cordova) without having to install it ?

Hope you’ll have plenty of nice ideas for me…


Ionic Phone App - IOS and Android emulators for testing

Hi Jcap,

I’m a novice developper so I don’t know what my answer is worth. I’ve have been debugging by using Ripple in Chrome (and also the build in Chrome mobile view) + Chrome developper tools.

All works great accept for a few events like deviceready. Can’t seem to find the solution. I have been bypassing these events just for the sake of development assuming that the events will be fired correctly on a real mobile.

This is where I’m now. I was planning to build an apk and fell on this topic. Maybe my answer can help you??? Can you please point me to the best doc for building an APK from C9?

Succes and many thx!


Thanks Mario for your input… I’ve tried to use ripple to test my app, but unfortunately, ripple doesn’t seem to support all available cordova API. For example, I’ve tested with cordova-plugin-local-notifications and I get the following message : “Cannot read property ‘notification’ of undefined” whereas it’s working great on a real device… I’m currently still looking forward to find a satisfying way to test Ionic / cordova apps within cloud9… Maybe this other topic could help : Ionic Phone App - IOS and Android emulators for testing