Always-On for my cloud IDE


Hi, are you considering some sort of “keep always warm” function for the machines/cloud IDEs - at least the ones a user wants to keep spinned up and not wait long to be loaded when logging in?
I noticed sometimes it takes a considerable amount of time until everything is loaded and that is OK for sure in most cases. However it would be great to have at least a certain amount of “always on” instances with the premium paid plans? (If that is not the case already!)


How often are you accessing these workspaces? Free users workspaces get archived after a week or so of no use while premium workspaces are archived after a month. If your workspaces are being archived more frequently than this please let us know and we’ll investigate why.

Premium plans can have 3 ‘hot’ workspaces running at the same time and they will stay online with all processes running for up to a week of no use.

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