Alternatives to

Looking for an alternative to now that it pretty much sucks after selling out to aws.

After having payment issues with Cloud9, I searched for cloud-based and Mac-based IDEs and went with WebStorm. After a few weeks, I am very happy.

Looking for web based IDE, does anyone know any good web based IDE’s

It’s quite sad to see get ruined by Amazon, think you need a degree in economics to work out their costs. Have been looking for alternatives for a few weeks now and my recommendations so far would be…

glitch - Not really the best IDE as the editor is very basic and is really only useful for web development as it primarily works with node. But is good for showcasing your work as it is always available to view (although it does take time to spin up when it isn’t already running) and it’s free.

gitpod - Probably the best full IDE and gives you a full range of programing languages and is integrated with github which makes it really easy to start a project from a repository. The free account gives you 100hrs/month codeing time but only with public repositories if you want private it’s $9 per month and $39 per month for unlimited time.

Thanks for the suggestion @tripy37. I find glitch folder structure a bit confusing, but I like what I see with It might be good for what I need. I have been using which is fine for old fashioned javascript but seems to have problems with ES6 module import and export. Gitpod may solve those issues.

I am doing Machine Learning with

Anyone any other suggestions. Trying to get the examples folder working for my students

try gitpod or host vscode yourself by using