Alternative to cloning team workspaces


I tried to clone other’s workspaces and this seems to not be implemented yet. If you know how to do it - please send me the steps and I will try. I set two accounts and could not clone oublic workspaces of one from the other. Sharing allows seeing what I do or making changes to my workspace. I want the students to clone mine so they will be free to experiment without breaking my work.
If you have more suggestion - they are welcome!Moshe

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You should look into these threads (which I used the search function on this board, the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen)

I have taken the approach of creating a tutorial on how to set up a workspace of their own. Then use that workspace as a template to start each of their own individual projects, which means I had to teach them how to clone their workspaces properly, then re-name it to something recognizable.


Thanks a lot. I’ve seen them, all of them ask the same question and get no answer.

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I think your answer is here, from the first link I posted:
Possible to clone workspaces from a different account?

And below all the links I provided a work around solution for your problem.