Allowing the user to modify drop down fields in offline mode of a native mobile app


We are building a native mobile app that works both in online/offline mode and facing few challenges in implementing the offline mode.

There are certain drop-down fields whose values are driven through dictionary tables in server. Now when I try to download particular transaction data from server, the pre-populated value for drop-down fields will get downloaded. If I have to support modifying the data for these drop-down fields in offline mode, I have thought of following three options:

  1. To build an API that retrieves values for drop down fields from server and store them in mobile device.
  2. Hard code the drop-down values on mobile device.
  3. Replicate the dictionary tables in mobile device.

Out of these three options 2 and 3 are not a good idea to implement as data will become static and will get into sync issues between server and mobile app.

Is there any better way to handle this issue or do I need to restrict user from modifying the data for drop-down fields?

Looking forward for your suggestions.