Allow Wakatime in "Normal Mode"



I would like to know if C9 plan to allow Wakatime to be use in the normal mode instead of the Debug mode.
That would be awesome!


you could add the following code snippet to init script:

var url = ""
var pathConfig = {}; 
pathConfig["plugins/wakatime"] = url
require.config({paths: pathConfig})

require(["plugins/wakatime/wakatime", "plugins/wakatime/install"], function(plugin, install) {
    plugin({}, services, function(e, r) { = "wakatime";
        console.log(e, r) 
        services.installer.createSession("wakatime", install.version, install)

to load wakatime directly from github


I would add this to c9-wakatime/wakatime.js ?


no, to your cloud9 init script, you can open it from Cloud9>Open your init script menu.


Thank you! It seems to work fine in the normal mode. Some fun ahead!


Installation instruction can be further simplified using Distributing and installing custom Cloud9 plugins.