Allow minimized panes or processes


What I mean by the title is that I would like to be able to put terminal windows into their own windows in my browser, i.e. Chrome. Another method to solve this is to allow panes to be minimized.

The first option: would be good to be able to have all my files open in the IDE with full editing view (no other panes to restrict my view) and just pick out terminal windows from Chrome windows on the side.

The second option: or maybe make it so you can minimize a pane so that you can minimize it down and have the full view of the other when you need it instead of having to close the pane and lose the terminal session?

Either way I would like to see this and I think it would make life a lot easier for those who do not have the luxury of huge 4k monitors etc.


Awesome thoughts here and I definitely feel the same. That being said, 2 already exists :wink: The UX on it is a bit confusing and it’s tough to make its functionality clear to the user (hence why you didn’t know about it) so I’d be interested in any feedback you have on it.

What you’re looking for is something we call the console and here’s a full explanation of it but please seek clarification as needed:

Also, note that you can change the key assigned to this. Check out Customizing Cloud9 Keyboard Shortcuts.


F6 seems to only bring up the run command on my Windows.

I tried to customise the terminal for the run command to suite my needs but it seems to be locked.


Ah, if I move the terminal tab down to the hide-able pane it does work then. Maybe though this feature should be possible in a more general manner?


Also it is very close to f5 so I find myself pressing f5 sometimes


You can change the key assigned to this. Check out Customizing Cloud9 IDE Keybindings.


True with that new knowledge the only thing I can think of is maybe document this feature or something somehow?

This is a difficult one to not hide but such a useful feature. Maybe add it to the window menu as “toggleable pane” (that’s a terrible label but you get the idea) or something.


Ya, I’ll need to stew on this a little bit more. You can now understand the conundrum we face :smile:


Also @Sammaye I’d suggest changing the title of this post to only reflect the existing feature so something like “Allow minimized panes or processes”.

Others still request the first feature so it could be good to have a separate topic about that, if you’re interested in making one (I don’t feel comfortable making such big changes to your post myself so I’ll let you decide if you want to or not).


That’s a good idea, they are two different ideas now anyway (before they were a bit too closely related so that’s why I posted one for both).

I will need to decide if I still need the separate windows feature now, the hidden terminal windows is pretty awesome sauce for me tbh :slight_smile:


Ive been working on something for popping out tabs

is this something that could be useful for this request?