All The Long Work Erased?



Hey c9 community,

I am doing Mike Hartle ROR tutorial. Now when I am logging back on, nothing comes up on the terminal. I guess it resets. I read one of the answers on this Work Space Login thread, maybe this is an answer to my question, maybe it isn’t. I am not clear on what the answer in that thread meant even after reading the c9 policy.

With that said, after the terminal has been reset ,I guess, the rails server doesn’t show up either and the whole project that I am working on seems to go away.

What can be done to restore both the server and the terminals if needed?

Or, do I have to start the project over?


That thread is purely referring to terminals and commands run in them. None of your files or text should be lost but if they are then you can use the file revision history feature to recover them.

If that does not help then please provide specific details on the problem e.g. error messages, screenshots, etc.


Thanks for that tip . I really appreciate it. However, I was referring to the terminal. When I logged back on, all the commands were gone, along with the rails server that doesn’t seem to be running anymore. I just am confused as to why everything got erased in the terminals. Attached I have the screenshot of what I mean. Everything from terminal is gone and server isn’t running what is the solution even though all the files of css and html are still there? I apologize if previous question confused you; I am new to this.


Your server has stopped (possibly due to your workspace being inactive for 2 days or so) so you can simply start it up by clicking the Run button. You may also run your app manually from the command line by running rails s -b $IP -p $PORT. Have a look at Running a Rails Application on Cloud9 for more info on that.


great finally, that worked!
Thanks brady… :smile: