All open files deleting content and loosing 3 hours of saved work - Cloud 9 for Salesforce IDE (using C9 file history)



I am having a similar issue to this post. Random code deletion

I had 6 or so *.cls files and *.trigger files open in C9 for Salesforce all day, working and saving away. Then around 2:30pm all the files went blank. I got EOF errors on each. File history revealed versions current to about 3 hours before vanishing act, about 11:00am but code saved in that time window is all gone…

I reverted the files to the most recent saved version and recoded the lost work, but I am really concerned I can’t trust the IDE any more. Had a similar experience with my collegue that shows my C9 profile logging into the SForg and overwriting her work. What if this is the tip of the iceberg? Going to set up GitHub and press on. Please help me continue to trust Cloud9:)

This is the workspace:

These are the affected files (maybe one not affected not sure)


Hi Kurt,

I just saw your support ticket about this. I’m sorry I didn’t see this post in the community earlier. I’m looking into this code loss issue and all that information and files listed is super helpful, thanks so much for that. It’s really hard to fix because we have over 100,000 monthly users and only hear about code loss maybe once every week or two and it always seems to be some freak occurrence that isn’t reproducible. We’re trying our hardest to figure out what’s going on.

Regards, Tim