All files missing from workspace, which appears to have been reset without my knowledge



Hey guys,
I opened up this custom workspace after a long time today, but found that all the files are missing and replaced by what I see is a fresh workspace?

Can you please look into this? I had some uncommitted changes that would take a ton of time to re-write :frowning:


:worried: That’s terrible. I haven’t had it that bad, though I did once have a workspace appear to reset to a previous state (not sure how that’s possible, but it happened).

Workspace Files Missing

Sorry there was a bug on some servers in our Asia region a few weeks ago that caused some workspaces to not restore any of their files correctly (the empty workspace shell was created but the bug prevented the files being pulled from the backup). It seems this happened to yours, then a backup was made of this empty workspace, which is why you don’t see any files now.

We keep many backups so I found and restored the one with latest version of your files now, please let us know if you have any further questions or issues.


I appear to have a similar problem - when I logged in yesterday all the files had disappeared from my workspace even though they were all there the previous day. Can I get them restored?


Did you get this resolved? Happening again (Sept 2017)


It seems this issue has reoccured. I too have missing files. Not yet resolved.


Yeh, I sent an email to and the guys there sorted it out for me eventually after restoring a few backups. As we didn’t know exactly when the problem had happened they had to go back through the backups, restoring them until my stuff reappeared. Luckily it was there on the earliest backup that they had, which was only from about two weeks before I reported the problem.

Sorry to hear that it has happened again - they said they didn’t know why it had happened last time but my stuff appears to be OK this time.
As recommended by them, I push my stuff to a git repository regularly now, just in case.
Hope they manage to sort it for you.